Customizable floating action button

Noin NiongReader, News+

Since version 4.0.0 gReader introduced the new Material Design. One of its element is the floating action button (FAB) to mark all as read. To mark all articles as read … Read More

Noin NionCustomizable floating action button

Feedly under DDoS attack

Noin NiongReader, News+

Many of you have report us about synchronization issue with Feedly. The reason for the issue is that Feedly was attacked by criminals with a distributed denial of service attack … Read More

Noin NionFeedly under DDoS attack

Custom notification for feeds

Noin NiongReader, News+

With gReader 3.7.0 and News+ v1.1.0 we introduce Custom Notification. Custom Notification is a Pro/Premium feature. What is Custom Notification? Normally when new articles are synced gReader/News+ notifies that you have new … Read More

Noin NionCustom notification for feeds

Feedly Extension for News+

Noin NionNews+

We proudly announce that Feedly extension is available for News+. Feedly Cloud is one of the most popular feed aggregator on the internet.  You will find the extension on Play … Read More

Noin NionFeedly Extension for News+