Custom notification for feeds

Noin NiongReader, News+

With gReader 3.7.0 and News+ v1.1.0 we introduce Custom Notification. Custom Notification is a Pro/Premium feature.

What is Custom Notification?

Normally when new articles are synced gReader/News+ notifies that you have new articles. The notification only shows you that there are new articles but not from where. Now with Custom Notification you can tell the app to notify you when new articles arrive in certain feeds. When you have important feeds you really want to read you can use Custom Notification.

How to enable Custom Notificaiton?

First you need to enable it in the setting. Settings->Notification->Custom Notification


Enable Custom Notification for feeds you want to get notified. Open Feed Preference dialog and check Custom Notification.


Now wait for the new custom notification.


Noin NionCustom notification for feeds