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Getting Started

EverClip is made for gathering and processing information quickly and easily. You can share any information to EverClip and save it to Evernote.


After starting EverClip you will see a list of your clips in EverClip.


Swiping left to right will reveal the sidebar where you can filter the list by notes, links or snippets. You can also search for Clips by typing in the Filter textbox.


Clip to EverClip

There are many ways to add new clips to EverClip.

1. Creating new Clips: Click on the “New”-button to create a new item (Note, Link, Snippet). Select a clip type you want to create. (Note, Link or Snippet)

2. Copy to Clipboard: Anything copied to clipboard will be saved directly to EverClip. It automatically recognizes the type of the clip content.

3. Share: You can share anything (text, files, links, …) you like to EverClip using Android share feature.

Clip Types

EverClip support 3 clip types. Each one has serve for a specific task (Clipboard Monitor, Web Clipper, Text Expander)

icon_noteNote: A notes contains a title and a content. It saves copied or shared contents. Files shared with EverClip will also be saved in it. Furthermore it supports Markdown syntax for creating rich-content notes.



Link: Links can be shared by other apps (e.g. browser, copied text). If you open a link you can clip its web content and save to Evernote. All visual styles will be preserve. It’s an easy way to save rich-content webpages.


icon_snippetSnippet: It is used for text expander feature. A snippet contains an abbreviation and the corresponding content. You can type in the abbreviation and it will be expanded to the content. (e.g. ily – I love you: If you type “ily” it will be expanded to “I love you”.)

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