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  • [highlight class="note"]NOTE[/highlight] A bug in Android 4.3 causes a crash when trying to copy text to clipboard. Turn off Clipboard monitor (Settings->Clipboard monitor).

[accordion_item title="Beta"]

Beta version is always updated with the same download link. If you encounter any issue please let us know. Log file is always helpful (Menu->Feedback->Send log).

[button type="flat" shape="square" size="mini" href="https://github.com/noinnion/everclip/blob/master/beta/EverClip_beta.apk?raw=true" title="Download Beta"]Download[/button]

If the download file is a .zip file please rename it to .apk and open it on your device.

Version 1.1.8beta

  • [highlight class="new"]ADDED[/highlight] Polish Translation

[accordion_item title="Version 1.1.x" open="true"]

Version 1.1.7

  • [highlight class="new"]ADDED[/highlight] Excluding apps for clipboard monitor (only on Android 4.x)
  • [highlight class="new"]ADDED[/highlight] Request desktop site for web clipping
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] "Save to Evernote" issue

Version 1.1.5

  • [highlight class="new"]ADDED[/highlight] German language
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Occasional crashes
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Small bug fixes

Version 1.1.4

  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] "OK Google" hot word issue, enabling Text Expander does not disable "OK Google" hot word

Version 1.1.3

  • [highlight class="new"]NEW[/highlight] Spanish language
  • [highlight class="new"]NEW[/highlight] Pause/Resume button in notification bar
  • [highlight class="improved"]IMPROVED[/highlight] Hide notification icon
  • [highlight class="improved"]IMPROVED[/highlight] Save last used tags
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Save to Evernote issue
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Bug fixes

Version 1.1.2

  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Issue with LastPass
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Save to Evernote issue

Version 1.1.1

  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Text Expander issue on Nexus5
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Evernote Login issue

Version 1.1.0

  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Issues with Android pre HoneyComb
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Evernote Login issue
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Issues in v1.0.9

[accordion_item title="Version 1.0.x"]

Version 1.0.9

  • [highlight class="new"]NEW[/highlight] Text Expander
  • [highlight class="new"]NEW[/highlight] Clipboard Actions
  • [highlight class="improved"]IMPROVED[/highlight] Better Web Clipper
  • [highlight class="improved"]IMPROVED[/highlight] User Interface
  • [highlight class="improved"]IMPROVED[/highlight] User Experience
  • [highlight class="fixed"]FIXED[/highlight] Many Bug fixes