Feedly under DDoS attack

Noin NiongReader, News+

Many of you have report us about synchronization issue with Feedly. The reason for the issue is that Feedly was attacked by criminals with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS).

Feedly is working on some changes to their infrastructure that will bring them back online. It will take a few more hours before service is restored.

How to use gReader without Feedly

The downside of online feed aggregators is the Availability. If the service is down for any reasons you cannot retrieve your daily news. You always rely on the availability of the services. gReader offers in addition to the online services a local service. All subscriptions are saved locally on your device. Synchronizing them will provide you with the most updated feed news. There are no fetch interval.

To use the local service you need to logout and select RSS Reader (local). Pressing Start will bring you to the familiar interface. You could add your subscriptions normally or import your OPML file to gReader. OPML can be exported in Manage Sources view.

Noin NionFeedly under DDoS attack