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Do you encounter any issues with the app? Probably they are already answered in the FAQ. Have a look on it.


With the time of using the app it could become slower. There are several reasons for performance issues.

1. Increased number of articles in database: Try to keep your number of articles low. Having too many articles in the database could increase the query time. Set auto cleanup feature to automatically removing read items from database (Settings->Cache->Auto cleanup)

2. Slow SD-Card: Some SD-Card are not very fast. Try to replace it with a faster one.

Sometimes try to clear the cache manually (Menu->More->Clear Cache).

It seems to be a bug in Android KitKat especially with Google Now Launcher.

If you have moved the app to SD it won’t work.

Clear the cache and data of Play Store. Via “Manage apps” stop the Google Play Store app, clear its data and cache. In gReader/News+ press Menu -> More -> Check license. Don’t forget to turned on your internet connection.

Sometimes Play Store does not work correctly. Just wait for some days and try it again. Also check the account for your Play Store. You might not use the same account you have bought app with.

Also check if you have any antivirus/antivirus apps activated. Sometimes these apps could prevent the detection.

NOTE: If Check license is not shown in the Menu then the license is accepted.
NOTE: Ads in article view are from the content of the feeds. gReader/News+ is not responsible for them.

Android widgets disappear if you move the app to SD. gReader has a built-in SD-cache system. Move gReader back to the phone and turn on SD-Caching in Settings->Cache->Storage Provider.

NOTE: Probably you need to reboot your phone.

Settings->Reading Preferences->Mark all as read->Position

The error message appears when a file is damaged. In this case you should do following steps.
1. Export your feed to OPML. Go to Manage Sources press Menu and select OPML export.
2. Go to /gReader on your sdcard and delete the folder .rss. (It might be hidden).
3. Sync again in gReader and you will find empty subscription list.
4. Go to Add new subscription and select Import OPML. Import your exported OMPL file to get back your subscriptions.


Long press on title in actionbar.

Read status of an article is not synchronized with the server immediately.  The statuses is synchronized in a batch with the server. It needs much less requests and improves the performance of the app.

Read synchronization happens:

  1. Global sync for new items
  2. After changing to a new source. e.g. if you read a feed and change to another feed

Synchronization only syncs unread items from services. If you want to read already read or starred items you have to go to the feed or folder and sync from there. On tablet long press on the sync button and select Synchronize selection

When using local RSS Reader there is no server that save the read status of articles. If an article get remove from the database by auto cleanup and the same article is synced again then it will be unread. To avoid this situation you should setup Auto cleanup for read items to 7 days or more. It ensures that new articles are synced to the app.

Settings->Cache->Auto cleanup read items->7days or more

Feeds and Articles

Readability Mobilzer uses an API from Readability and it is limited on the number of requested. Using it as Load Link will increase the usage and violate the api term.

There are several reasons why images are not shown.

1. Check if Settings->Reading images->Load images is enabled
2. Settings->Offline Reading->Cache feed images only caches the images in the feed contents (not full contents)
3. Often Reading mode could not parse the images in the content. That’s why only textes are shown. Try to disable Reading mode.

For Offline reading settings, please check

In article list view press Menu ans select Enable/Disable Mark read on scroll.

In article list view press on View button on the action bar and (un)check Mark read on scroll.

Long press on the subscription and select Unsubscribe.

In the standard setting gReader/News+ only shows unread items or feeds with unread items. If you also want to show  read items press on the phone on the right bottom button (checkbox). On tablet press on the circle button on the action bar.

Hardware acceleration causes the flashing white background while swiping. It’s a bug in Android. You have to disable Hardware acceleration for article view.

Settings->Look and Feel->Uncheck Hardware acceleration

Javascript is activated by default. You can enable/disable javascript for each subscriptions. Long press on a subscription and select Preference.

Pinch zoom is a built-in feature in Android webview. By enabling it on the phone you will get some extra zoom buttons that would disturb the navigation button in the article view. That’s why it is disabled.

Pinch zoom is supported with ICS.

To watch embedded videos in gReader you need to enableplugin and javascript. If you are on Honeycomb/ICS turn on Hardware acceleration.

Plugin: Settings->Reading Preferences->Enable Plugin

Javascript: Long press on the feed where the articles with videos are in and select Preference. Enable javascript on that setting page.

Hardware acceleration: Settings->Look and Feel->Hardware acceleration

The plugins feature is not very stable on pages with Flash. It is recommended to turn it off on viewing article with flash. Open the article in browser instead. You can disable the plugins integration in Settings->Reading Preferences.

There is a bug in Android webview that causes memory leak. There is a workaround that unfortunately causes crashes on pages with combo boxes. To avoid the crash, don’t use the combo boxes or load the page on the browser.

Offline Reading

Normally offline usage should fetch the correct content for offline reading. There are sites where it does not work as desired. Here are some workarounds which you can try to solve the issue.

All changes could be done for each feed individually (Long press on the feed and select Preference).

  • Offline format: Try to change offline format to Normal page
  • User Agent: Try to change user agent to Desktop

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