Material Design in gReader

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You might have heard about Material Design with the introduction of Lollipop. We take this occasion to redesign gReader (News+ coming soon) with the new Google design guideline. The new changes will be available in v4.0.0.


On phone interface the bottom navigation bar is removed. Sync, item options and toggle unread features from the bar are moved to the actionbar. Mark All As Read becomes a floating action button. The position of the button is configurable  in Settings->Reading Preferences -> Mark all as read.

mtrl_home view_menu sub_menu

Adding subscription is moved to subscription section (plus button). Manage sources and other entries now are located in the sub menu of subscriptions.


List, Grid and Card

In addition to List and Grid view gReader now supports Card view. Card view are similar to List view but it has larger thumbnail preview.

home_list3 home_grid2 home_card3


Swipe gestures are improved in the new version. You can swipe down a list to synchronize items. Swiping an item from right to left reveals additional functions. In article view you can go back to the list by swiping from the left edge.

swipe_refresh swipe_item swipe_go_back


Blue is not your color? Try other beautiful themes – Green, Sepia, Dark or Black

home_card_green feedlist_sepia

listview_dark gridview_black

and more …

login_pro add_sub_pod

tts_2 podcast_play



Noin NionMaterial Design in gReader