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Getting Started

This article briefly describes how to use News+ from the start. After downloading News+ and starting it for the first time you will find one of News+ best feature: Google News

Select your region and stay up to date with the latest news.


Now you can install one of the extensions on this list: Extensions

For instance: Feedly


Open the extension and start News+ from there. Now Feedly is displayed in the extension list:


Click on it and log in with your credentials.

getting_started_4            getting_started_5


After logging into Feedly you will see the home view.

To see folders and tags in the list press view options button. There you have the options to choose between “Feeds only” and “Feeds and Tags”.

Subscriptions and Folders/Tags are displayed on the home view. By clicking on a subscription/tag will open all articles belonging to it.

Article List

By pressing on the view options button you can change between list/ grid view and choose how to sort your articles.

To view an article just click on it.

Article View


To view the whole article you can press on the title or the browser button.

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