A simple, fast and intuitive feed reader featuring beautiful themes, podcast and full offline support.


Multi Services

Synchronize your feeds with Feedly or The Old Reader. Or save your feeds locally with the internal RSS Reader.

Feedly Cloud is a new way to browse the content of your favorite sites.
The Old Reader
The Old Reader is a simple, web-based RSS reader with lots of great sharing features.
The Old Reader is a simple, web-based RSS reader with lots of great sharing features.
RSS Reader
You can use gReader without any services. Data will be saved locally on your device.


Awesome Themes
Awesome Themes
gReader offers you many beautiful themes for reading your news. Use dark themes for reading at night or select other colorful themes.
Tablet Optimized
Tablet Optimized. Turn your desk into a Studio. Surface Studio is designed for the creative process.
Beautiful Widgets
Beautiful Widgets
Use 4 different kinds of beautiful and customizable widgets to personalize your home screen.
Video support
Better integraton with Youtube videos

More Features

Dark Mode
Ease your eyes with dark mode.
Readability Mode
Focus reading your news content without disturbing web elements.
Search Filters
Filter out relevant news you want to read.
Feed Management
Manage your subscriptions easily in the app.
Get notified when new articles arrive.
Create homescreen shortcuts to go directly to your article list.
Voice Reading
Enjoy your news without reading them. Let gReader read aloud for you.
Offline Reading
With gReader you can have all the latest news along the way without an internet connection.
Podcast support
Explore new podcasts and listen to them within the app.

What others say

gReader Is Hands Down The Incomparable King Of RSS Readers On Android.

- Android Police