User Guide

Welcome to gReader. gReader is a powerful news feed reader which lets you gather, organize and search news in a simple, fast and intuitive way. This article briefly describes how to use it from the beginning. If you aren't not familiar with RSS so read this first.


Due to the closure of Google Reader, we're offering Feedly and The Old Reader as alternatives to sync your feeds. You can also save your feeds locally with gReader's internal RSS Reader.

After downloading and starting it for the first time you will find the Login screen.



After logging into gReader you will see the home view.


Subscriptions and Folders/Tags are displayed on the home view. By clicking on a subscription/tag will open all articles belonging to it.

Article List


By pressing on the title in actionbar you can find the view options view. You can change article list between list, grid or card view. There are also useful options like Sorting, Grouping, Rich list view or Mark Read on Scroll.


To view an article just click on it.

Article View


To view the whole article you can press on the title or the browser button.