Offline Reading

With gReader you can have all the latest news along the way without an internet connection. The gReader app downloads for you all the news on to your android phone.

In order to enable that function go to Settings -> Offline Reading and then this screen will pop up:

By clicking Offline Usage (beta) you can either enable or disable the Offline reading function. You can also decide on how many items per feed are going to be downloaded at a time by pressing Feed items limit.

The options Load full content and Cache feed images allow you to download the article contents and images while synchronizing and with Full content format you can choose between the content formats: Simplified or Normal page.Simplified is a format which only contains the content of the article whereas Normal page not just only contains the content but also the web content.

In order to download a single article, open the article that you want to download (with an internet connection) then press the Menu button and then press Save page:

To access the saved article you can either go to the article directly (the article will open then without an internet connection) or by pressing the Star button in the title bar of the home screen. Press on Saved items and you will find a list with all of the saved articles: