Podcasts are shows, similar to radio or TV shows, that are produced by professionals or amateurs and posted to the Internet for download and listening or viewing.

With gReader you can stream all the podcasts from your favourite article sites.

This icon on an article represents a podcast:


To access all of your podcasts at once click on the menu bar, then click on Podcasts:

podcast_1 podcast_2

There you will find a list with all of your podcasts. To stream a podcast click on one of them and then click this podcast_icobutton.
To download click on Download or to stream click on Stream.
By pulling down the status bar you'll find the current streaming podcast and by clicking at it a window will pop up which allows you to either forward or backward the streaming podcast:

podcast_3 podcast_4

If you click Stop the current streaming podcast will stop and if you click on Close this window will close but the podcast will remain streaming.