View Options



There are many options to customize your view. The view options dialog let you change some important settings quickly.



By using the full-screen mode you have more latitude in order to navigate the app. In order to enable the full screen mode, long press the title bar till the status bar disappears:


To exit the full-screen mode hold the title bar until the status bar turns back on.

On the full screened article view you will find the exit button on the bottom right of the article, on top of the zoom-in button.


Reading Mode

The Reading mode reduces all the unnecessary elements of an article to its main content. With it you can put your focus on the article.

Load the article link and then press on the capital R. You will see that the article is going to be reduced to its main content.

readingmode_1 readingmode_2

Quick/Swipe Actions

In order to define Quick and Swipe actions go to: Settings -> Look and Feel.

There many different options for you to choose.
quick_actions_1 quick_actions_2

Quick actions can be performed by clicking on the left or right site of each article.

Swipe actions can be performed by swiping each article to left or right.

quick swipe