AndroidPolice just announced the new version of EverClip.

We proudly announce that Feedly extension is available for News+. Feedly Cloud is one of the most popular feed aggregator on the internet.  You will find the extension on Play Store.

01 Jan 2014
gReader was developed in the time when Google Reader service was the standard for feed aggregators. After it closure lots of new and innovative RSS services have arisen to light. gReader has decided to support 2 of the most popular services on the market, **Feedly** and **The Old Reader**. Even with the changes the goal is still to deliver best possible reading experience. So what makes gReader so special in comparison to other RSS readers.

Many of you are wondering what's the difference between News+ and gReader. In this post we want to point out the differences. On the first view the user interface is very similar to gReader's user interface. That's true because News+ is built from gReader app. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel.  Looking into more detail there are many new features that you could find in News+.

01 Dec 2013

Since Google has decided to shutdown Google Reader, lots of new and innovative RSS services have arisen to light. Many of those services appeared as worthy replacements, and even an upgrade. We couldn’t choose just one or two, and we also had to make some decisions about how our work will continue. We decided not to pick! We created a new app that is the successor of gReader, taking it’s features and functionality but supports as many reading services as possible: News+.